We will post the contents of our own and if you felt like that the materials infringe any party’s copyright. They need to notify us and send us a proper written notice. The following details must be given:

Your name, contact number, and email address
A detail of the copyrighted work which you claim has been infringed
A detail of where the site materials are which you claim to be infringed such as provide URL etc.
A detail and statement that why you think the material used has not been authorized by the copyright owner or its agents
A statement that why you believe that the provided information is correct and you are the copyright owner or complaining on the behalf of the copyright owner.
You can provide this information through;
Online: our DMCA claim form

Email: [email protected] / Contact Form

As you notify us about the materials which you feel to be infringed and you provide all the materials to prove your point. We will soon take notice of that and will remove the materials if confirmed to be infringed.


While filing DMCA, make sure that you have provided all the above requirements and if we needed any further information, you will have to provide us the information. In case you failed to provide the information, we will ignore your complaint.