This is the site whose basic aim is to promote Islam and Ahl e Bait (A.S.). With all the available resources and full effort, we try to post all the Famous and trending Nohas for our listeners. This site through the posted Nohas lets you learn all about the History of Karbala and spread all the positive message to the people. However, we also want to reduce all the misconceptions people have about Muslim ummah. With a very positive attitude, this site will let people know the Islamic History and sacrifices our Imams made for the survival of Islam.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

our site doesn’t collect any data related to our users. however, when you comment on our site, your information will be stored by default. The information such as the user’s data shown in the comments and also the IP addresses.

Contact forms

if you use contact form plugin, your personal information such as name, emails etc. would be visible to us. however, we don’t use that information for marketing purposes or other.


our site doesn’t rely on cookies. however, the third party such as google analytics might use cookies to provide you with the best services.

Who we share your data with

all the information related to our users are truly confidential and we don’t share their data in any case. their retained information won’t be shared with anyone.

How long we retain your data

the data on this data won’t be saved or retained personally by us, whereas, it will be retained in the Google Analytics for at last three months. it will display from which country the users are.

What rights you have over your data

you have all the rights over your own data. you can make claim to remove the data which is retained by default on our site.

How we protect your data

in order to provide safety to our users, we use SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer) which encrypts your information with our site. So, your information is totally at safe hands.

What third parties we receive data from

we only use Google analytics which retains your IP address and your location.

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